Introducing the free program for the 2016 Maker Faire

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Discover the amazing, fun, and creative events and makers that will be Maker Faire this year. Download the program so you can plan your time. Click here for the Program 2016 program.

IBM Big Data workshop at Maker Faire from 2-5PM

Come join Leo Wu and Saeed Aghabozorgi, IBM Canada, to learn about data science. What are data science challenges and opportunities? What are all the steps that a Data Scientist goes through when faced with a data problem? Using a large dataset on historical flight records, Saeed will demonstrate how to explore, clean, create a predictive model, and evaluate the model using a popular programming language, Python.

Time: 2-5PM


Data Scientist Workbench (talk – 10 minutes) – Leo
Data Science via Big Data University (talk – 10 minutes) – Leo
Data Science Methodology (talk – 10 minutes) – Saeed
Intro to Big Data and Spark (hands-on session – 20 minutes) -Saeed
Data Wrangling (hands-on session – 30 minutes) – Saeed
Data Prediction (hands-on session – 50 minutes) – Saeed
Data Visualization and Deployment (demo – 20 minutes) – Saeed

Saeed Aghabozorgi, PhD, is a Data Scientist in IBM, with a track record of developing enterprise level applications that increases clients’ ability to turn data into actionable knowledge. He is a researcher in streams and time-series data mining, and expert in developing advanced analytic methods such as machine learning algorithms and statistical modelling on large datasets, in various domains such as finance, and insurance systems.

Big Data University China registration link here


FABO – 2016 Maker

As the first open-source fabrication lab in China, FABO-Shanghai is a place to “make almost anything”, taking the elements of the new industrial revolution that 3D printing, open-source hardware and open design represent as the foothold. By focusing on open course and education, FABO is to bring together various disciplines, to realize the collaboration of humanism, technology and design, to enhance its community influence and, in the end, to cooperate with capitals as well as corporations, so to generate the social innovation in China.
Fabo at Tongii

Register to be a Drone Pilot!

Drone First Test Flight

REGISTER HERE to fly your drone!

The best Drone pilots from around Shanghai will be showcasing their skills with drones at this year’s Jinqiao Mini Maker Faire. Come cheer for your favorite pilot as they fly races, freestyle and obstacle courses.

TimeOut Shanghai Family


Check out the write up  about the Jinqiao Mini Maker Faire in TimeOut Shanghai.

Ideas from Make ” 3 Key Qualities for a School Makerspace”

3 key qualities of school makerspaces

Here are a few quotes from this amazing article about School Makerspaces:

“Making requires two sets of skills and the confidence to try something new. The first is simply tool skills – knowing which tool to use and how to use it safely”

“The second set of skills can be thought of as diagnostic and problem-solving skills. These are the skills required to figure out why something won’t work, come up with a creative solution and to manage one’s emotions through the process. These skills probably can be taught, but they are typically learned through practice and coaching (a key skill for a teacher in a makerspace).”

“There is nothing more important in a makerspace then a dedicated teacher.”

Read the whole article to learn more about School Makerspaces.

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The greatest show-and-tell in Shanghai By Huang Lanlan Source: Global Times Published: 2015-5-10 19:43:01

“Would you like to try our chair?” asks 15-year-old Manon Miller to anyone stopping to look at the winged, cardboard chair placed in the center of the hall. This was no ordinary winged cardboard chair, mind you. It took Miller and her two teammates five weeks every day after school to design the structure, cut the cardboard and meticulously assemble the pieces. “Now the chair can hold at least 100 kilograms!” Miller grins.

See the rest of the article here.

Maker Faire 2015 video highlights

2015 Maker – What pvc pipe can do

Pvc pipe is USUALLY used to house electrical wires. However, I use it for many other purposes. I used it to build a cart that can go up stairs easily while carrying a backpack. I built this because i have to carry alot of stuff up and down the stairs. Also I made a “ping-pong ball blower” to help get the ping-pong balls that are hard to reach under the table. It is hard to reach under the table, but with this handy tool, you can blow the balls right out! Last, but not least, did you know that pvc pipe can be used in rocket science? When you put in sugar, potassium nitrate, and a little bit of kitty litter, you can make a rocket!