IBM Big Data workshop at Maker Faire from 2-5PM

Come join Leo Wu and Saeed Aghabozorgi, IBM Canada, to learn about data science. What are data science challenges and opportunities? What are all the steps that a Data Scientist goes through when faced with a data problem? Using a large dataset on historical flight records, Saeed will demonstrate how to explore, clean, create a predictive model, and evaluate the model using a popular programming language, Python.

Time: 2-5PM


Data Scientist Workbench (talk – 10 minutes) – Leo
Data Science via Big Data University (talk – 10 minutes) – Leo
Data Science Methodology (talk – 10 minutes) – Saeed
Intro to Big Data and Spark (hands-on session – 20 minutes) -Saeed
Data Wrangling (hands-on session – 30 minutes) – Saeed
Data Prediction (hands-on session – 50 minutes) – Saeed
Data Visualization and Deployment (demo – 20 minutes) – Saeed

Saeed Aghabozorgi, PhD, is a Data Scientist in IBM, with a track record of developing enterprise level applications that increases clients’ ability to turn data into actionable knowledge. He is a researcher in streams and time-series data mining, and expert in developing advanced analytic methods such as machine learning algorithms and statistical modelling on large datasets, in various domains such as finance, and insurance systems.

Big Data University China registration link here


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