I want to be a Maker!

How can you participate?

You can participate in many ways…READ ON!


Maker Booth or Exhibit:

Individuals, groups, schools and organizations that would like to demonstrate what they make and/or how it works; interactive exhibits are encouraged. For maker groups, please have one point person to coordinate your efforts. Two types exist in this category.

Adult Makers: An individual or group that would like to demonstrate what they make and/or how it works; interactive exhibits preferred.

Youth Makers:  An individual or student group in grades K-12.  (Youth makers younger than grade 7  are required to have an adult sponsoring them and present at the exhibit throughout the day; this will need to be agreed upon when filling out the application.)

Not to be confused with the Young Makers program.


Workshop or Presentation: 

Individuals and groups who would like to talk about an idea or project of interest to the Maker community, OR makers who are interested in demonstrating what they make and how it works in a stage setting. Typically your presentation is 10, 20, or 30 minutes in length.


Musicians and entertainers who would like to perform. Performances are usually on stage and scheduled for approximately 10-30  minutes. Set lengths vary. Some performances may be roaming and unscheduled, which is welcomed. Please mention scheduling details in your application: roaming or scheduled. If scheduled, indicate performance time in 10 minute increments.

Corporate Partner:

Companies and commercial entities are welcomed as partners at Jinqiao Mini Maker Faire

You are a global or local corporation or business that believes in engaging kids and adults in hands-on learning experiences. In particular, you have a desire to expose and inspire an audience to STE+A+M related experiences (science, technology, engineering, arts, and mathematics) in hands-on, minds-on, hearts–on ways. This is also a great way to show the community the creative, exciting, and innovative things your company or business is doing through hands-on engagement.


Here are just a few project ideas for exhibits and presentations: 

Student projects
Raspberry Pi
Space projects
Conductive materials
Kits and components
Interactive art projects
3D Printers and CNC Mills
Home energy monitoring
Cameras and microphones
Textile arts and crafts
Rockets and RC toys
Green tech
Vintage computers and kits
Biology/Biotech and chemistry projects
Puppets and hand-made interactive toys
Kites, bikes and boats
Shelter (tents, domes)
Music Performance and Participation
Unusual Tools or Machines
How to Fix Things (Vacuums, Clocks)

Some featured makers From Various categories

ENGINEERING: BertandMe – Crowd Funding for Student Driven Education. Think it! Make it! PROFIT! See ideas of student and community Creators and how they are making them into reality on our BertAndMe.com’s crowd funding platform. Drop by and watch videos of their projects or, get help starting a project of your own!

After lunch, we will announce the winners of our Genius Contest.http://www.bertandme.com

TECHNOLOGY: Martin Leung, Raspberry Pi – Shanghai Geeks: Build cool things with Raspberry Pi, like a retro video game machine, or an XBMC video player. Learn how to setup a wireless network, and extend to different parts of your house. Take apart and rebuild your computer!  http://www.shanghaigeeks.com

TECHNOLOGY/ENGINEERING: John Rinker – Passive Dynamic Robots – I started building robots this year with a passive dynamic robot named Felix. These robots are simple to build and fun to tinker with. Felix will be there to strut his stuff, and participants will have a chance to build their own passive dynamic robots. I will also demonstrate my Lego Arduino robot named Eugene.

CRAFT: Jenny Chao – Bling for Books:  Come to learn how to make jewelry (bracelets, necklaces, lanyards, etc.) – Jenny Chao

TECHNOLOGY: Kevin Jin –   HACKING: Is everything in front of your TV too messy? – A PS4, Apple TV, an Xbox, router, set-top box, NAS, etc. Why don’t you combine all of these into one and tidy things up?

SCIENCE: Mr. Tovar’s Class Makers – These Makers have a whole new perspective on viewing the world. They do it through kaleidoscopes. Take a look at their colorful creations. At the exhibit, you can also try your hand at experimenting with different mirror configurations and color combinations.

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