2015 Maker – Toy Hack


Learn how to hack a remote controlled toy to make it playable by kids with physical disabilities.

Have fun learning more about Making and Hacking and do something good for the less fortunate at the same time. Donate a remote controlled toy for this great cause.

Shanghai Makerspace, XinCheJian, in association with Nestworks and NYU Interactive Media Arts, will teach you how to hack toys and make them playable for kids with physical disabilities. Pick up a screw driver and a soldering iron, learn about hacking and making and bring smiles and laughs to the faces of kids less fortunate than you! No prior experience required.

All toys will be donated to a charity caring for children with cerebral palsy after the event.

2015 Makers – Aerospace Engineering Class: Drones


Flying Demo Drones (10-15 mins):

Demo a quadcopter race through an obstacle course (designed by the students).

Alex Gu‎; Ji Soo Kim‎; Cassandra Kienle‎; Violet Lim‎; Chris Au-Yeung‎; Zachary Rifareal‎; Ezekiel Rifareal‎; Yukine Yanagi‎; Elizabeth Brandt‎; Andy Tan;‎ Hojip Jeon‎; Johnathan Chen‎

2015 Makers – Plobotics


Plobot is a tool for learning faster. It is open source and it uses arduino + 3D printed tech in order to get technology closer to children.

It helps to develop logic and creative thinking through a set of games.

2015 Maker – Live Recycled Sculpture!

Mr. Mathyk & Carolyn Foote’s Foundations of Art class has been working on creating Chinese Zodiac animals in groups. These will be on display at our booth. At the same time a group from the Foundations of Art class will be actively completing a huge sculpture, a three-headed sheep, ram, goat as the Chinese symbols used for this year.

2015 Maker – Concordia high school robotics team: MATE and FTC robotics

Concordia high school robotics team- MATE and FTC robotics
Demonstration of Concordia high school robotics teams’ FTC ROBOT and MATE underwater remotely operated vehicle. Students will demonstrate their robots and allow visitors to “drive” them as well!

2015 Maker – Raspberry PI projects


We will show some of the cool projects that one can build with a simple $35 device. It is easily purchasable on Taobao here in China and can be done in about 30 minutes.


2015 Maker – Marbleous contraptions


2015 Maker – Marble ROllers

Participants will make a marble roller out of toilet paper tubes and duct tape. They can also explore putting together a commercial made marble roller.

2015 Maker – Mad Science

With over 28 years of experience in providing entertaining and educational science programs to children, Mad Science has become a trusted name in science enrichment, and is the leader in this field, both in North America and around the world. Guided by N.G.S.S. and S.T.E.M., Mad Science offers the most comprehensive science curriculum in the world. Every class is packed with fun and knowledge to get the best out of the class and children. Mad Science delivers unique, hands-on science experiences to over 25,000 schools. We love sparking imaginative learning!

2015 Maker- Exploring multirotors


Ever wanted to learn about the power and agility of multirotors? Here you will learn the basics of multirotor engineering, flight, and construction!